Chairman’s Note

Since its inception 25 years ago, Sona Group of Industries has scripted a remarkable growth story. Having started my entrepreneurial journey with a lean team of 10 employees, as a contract Plating Services firm, Sona Group has evolved to become a full service contract watch manufacturer – servicing national and international brands.

Sona Group has always firmly believed in creating strong partnerships with various stakeholders – be it employees, customers and associates. This translates into our core values of:

–       Respect for the individual

–       Service to the customer

–       Operational excellence

Our steady and sustained growth is based on this clear vision, which reflects in our success today, as a leading contract manufacturer of watches and OEM. Our operations now include 5 manufacturing firms in the areas of leather straps, metal bands, bracelets, ion plating and components production, apart from diversifying into Real Estate.

Staffed by over 600 people, dedicated and passionate to deliver on customer delight, we constantly upgrade our core competencies and align our objectives at various levels to provide customer satisfaction of the highest standards. We believe, it is our focus on quality and commitment on offering service excellence is key to meet the ever-growing needs of our customers.

Finally, Sona Group is dedicated to the concept of sustainability and wants to be known as an organization that views its financial, environmental and social responsibility with a great deal of concern. Across our facilities we have ensured,

–       Energy conservation, water recycling and CO2 emission reduction programs to deal with global warming,

–       A strong Zero Waste program to cut all waste and develop value added products and

–       Corporate social responsibility programs focusing on education of our employee families, skill development, entrepreneurship and healthcare.

In the future, Sona Group of Industries will continue to deliver on customer expectations and grow based on these same values, which have earned it accolades.

I would like to express my sincere appreciation and gratitude to all our stakeholders for trusting in Sona Group. I am certain Sona Group will continue to provide products and services that will help us become a globally admired business in the world of watches.


Yajnanarayana Kamaje


Sona Group of Industries