A watch is an important accessory. More than a device to inform passage of time – a tastefully designed watch truly transforms any occasion. From realistic, durable regular-wear watches to beautifully crafted, sophisticated styles, every watch reflects identity. Over time, having evolved itself to assert style that reveals personality and temperament of an individual. Watches now very strongly depict not just a sense of taste but even reflect the way an individual chooses to present oneself.

At Sona Group we have embraced this change. It is our constant endeavor to offer our customers an inspiring collection of watchstraps in leather and metal bracelets. Backed by our expertise in design, attention to detail and fine quality materials, we are able to deliver on discerning customer needs at competitive prices.

Straps >> Leather

If you are interested in leather, our enticing and engaging range of watchstraps can truly change your watch. You will notice our passion for quality in our genuine leather straps, which come in innumerable designs and contemporary color options with incredible finishing touches.

Our range includes

Straps >> Metal

We have a great collection of metal bracelets. All of our metal straps are made from superior quality stainless steel ensuring durability and ease of use. With many designs and styles including <<mention a few types like gold, dual tone etc>> we complement our customer’s statement.

Our range includes